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Bicentennial Mural Completed

Through the generous support of an Emerson-Copeland grant, the City of Rushville paid for the creation and painting of a commemorative Bicentennial mural along Campaign Flats on Main Street.

“For Rush County’s Bicentennial, we knew that we had to capture our 200 years of history in paint,” comments Rushville Director of Special Projects Brian Sheehan. “While also celebrating the Bicentennial, this mural will continue to beautify Rushville historic downtown and serve as a welcome sign to those visiting our great city.”

This block-style mural captures the spirit of Rushville and Rush County. In an artistic flare, the mural welcomes guests to Rushville’s downtown corridor. With images of the City Center, Courthouse, Overlook, TQ-Midget car, and Rushville lion, this mural features significant Rush County emblems. Moreover, the mural contains notable numbers and saying (“Leading the Way in Rural Indiana”) specific to Rush County.

It is because of artist Lance Woskobojnik and Intern Lexey Yager that this art piece went from dream to reality. Yager drafted a mural design after hearing input from the Mayor’s office and looking at similar “Instagram-able” murals. Woskobojnik and Yager met to clarify the vision and finalize a mural design. This beautiful addition to Rushville’s historic downtown came to life from that collaboration and talent. This mural was one of many additions to Rush County’s Bicentennial celebration and Rushville’s downtown beautification. It is because of the support of Emerson-Copeland the work of artist Lance Woskobojnik, and the support of the community that this project was possible. This mural marks the final large art project celebrating Rush County’s Bicentennial.


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