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Clerk-Treasurer’s Responsibilities

The City Clerk is the record keeper for the Common Council and the City Court. The clerk-treasurer is elected by the registered voters of the city to a four-year term.  The primary purpose of the clerk-treasurer is to serve as the fiscal officer for the city and city utilities.  The clerk-treasurer processes all receipts and expenditures for the city; prepares the payroll for city employees; manages the city’s financial accounts; makes investments; prepares the budget, financial statements and the proposed tax rate; and manages all city records.

The clerk-treasurer also serves as secretary to the Board of Public Works, Common Council, Unsafe Hearing Board and Redevelopment Commission.  The clerk-treasurer prepares annual financial reports, manages state and federal audits, administers oaths and solemnizes marriages.

The Clerk-Treasurer’s office is located at 330 N. Main Street, Suite 200.
Office hours are 8 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday – Friday

Clerk Treasurer’s Office

Ann L. Copley (D)

Clerk Treasurer
765-932-4355 (Fax)

Marcia Fish
Deputy Clerk-Treasurer

Debbie Wayt
Accounts Payable Clerk

Kay Richards
Accounts Payable Clerk