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This ArcGis Online Map Viewer allows you to search for Rushville area information and create custom maps which include aerial photos, property places, the location of utility services and much more. The application has been redesigned to be more intuitive and provide access to even more information. Best of all it works on all devices and platforms, so use it on your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer! You now have the option of editing the basemap that is used to show the layers.


Click the icon to access Beacon maps of Rushville


Click the icon to see parks and recreation map of Rushville.

Public Places/Institutions

Click the icon to see places/ institutions in Rushville.

Streets/Road Conditions

Click the icon to see road map of Rushville.

Sewer/Storm Sewer

Click the icon to see sewer/storm sewer map of Rushville.

Image result for river icon png


Click the the icon to see flooding/watershed map of Rushville.