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Rush County Bicentennial Commemorative Items Available for Purchase

As Rush County’s Bicentennial year concludes, commemorative items are being made available for purchase to continue honoring, celebrating, and remembering Rush County’s 200th year. Commemorative prints, Christmas Ornaments, Bicentennial banners, and the Bicentennial Book are some of the final items that will be made available for purchase as we celebrate Rush County’s Bicentennial.

PRINTS: The City of Rushville and Rush County Bicentennial Committee commissioned artist Jingo de la Rosa of Indianapolis to create seven commemorate Bicentennial watercolor prints. The Bicentennial watercolor set includes the following historic Rush County locations/events: Rush County Courthouse, Rushville City Center, Kennedy Covered Bridge, Rushville Amphitheater and Concert Series, TQ Midget Race, Steam Engine Show, and Rushville’s Main Street.

“These Bicentennial watercolor prints will capture the history of Rush County as we see it today,” comments Brian Sheehan, Bicentennial Committee Chairman. “In 50 years, we will reflect back on these prints and continued to be impressed by the growth of Rush County.”

Taking inspiration from the 1972 Sesquicentennial black and white prints, these watercolor prints can be purchased at the City Center. Only 100 sets are available for purchase. The Bicentennial print set will be available for purchase for $50. Thank you to HWC Engineering and Hoosier Solar for sponsoring the creation and printing of these Bicentennial prints.

ORNAMENTS: Bicentennial Christmas Ornaments are available for purchase for $10 from the City Center and Mocha Moose. The ornament features the Rush County Bicentennial design cast in custom soft enamel. Only about 70 remain. These prints and ornaments will make for an amazing Christmas/holiday gift.

BANNERS: Bicentennial Banners that were displayed downtown throughout the Bicentennial year are also for sale. They are $50 per banner. All three types/colors are available for purchase. The money raised from this will help the City of Rushville and Heart of Rushville purchase new street banners for downtown celebrations. There are only 17 of each type available.

BOOK: The Rush County Bicentennial Books are still available for purchase at the Rushville Public Library. Reflections of Rush County is a 128-page book that contains the history of Rush County from its creation in 1822 to present-day 2022. The cost of the book is $40 plus tax payable to the Rushville Public Library. To purchase a book, visit the Library at 130 W. Third Street or call at (765) 932 – 3496. Only 30 copies remain!


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