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Recycling is collected within Rushville city limits every Thursday. New recycling totes are coming! Pick-up is curbside and recyclables must be out by 7 a.m.


How to sort materials for RECYCLING

(not in plastic bags)

NO – Can’t recycle these

Paper-Clean paper Only; staples ok. Windowed envelopes okNewspaper, inserts, junk mail
Magazines, paper backs, phone books
White and colored paper
Shredded paper-put in paper bag
Boxboard (cereal boxes, for example)
Clean pizza boxes (no grease or food)
Corrugated cardboard (Flattened)

NO food stains or residue
NO beer or soda cartons, butter,
NO margarine boxes (waxy cartons)
NO used paper towels, cups, plates
NO glossy boxes–white strands show when torn (frozen food boxes)
NO take-out containers, blueprints
NO copy paper packaging
NO dirtied paper (pet waste, paint)
NO Tyvek or padded envelopes
NO stickers and sticker paper
NO hardcover books

Plastics Only containers than 2 gallons Empty and rinse Discard caps in trashBeverage bottles & jugs: soda, water, juice
Personal care bottles: shampoo, soap, etc.
Detergent bottles
Food containers: margarine, yogurt, etc.

NO plastic bags or dry cleaning bags
NO vinyl siding, PVC, or construction materials
NO Styrofoam (polystyrene), egg cartons, “packing peanuts
NO meat, cheese, deli or cookie trays, berry cartons
NO bubble wrap, plastic wrap, heat shrink wrap, foam packing
NO cups, plates, utensils, straws, or polyvinyl sheeting
NO photographic film, tarps, black plastic or flower pots
NO microwave trays or containers
NO bottles that contained motor oil, anti-freeze, pesticides, pool chemicals or other hazardous substances
NO clothes baskets, plastic bins, indoor/outdoor patio furniture
NO swimming pools, hoses, tubing, pails or buckets
NO VCR, CD cases

Aluminum– Empty & RinseCans
Foil pie pans

NO food residue
NO siding or construction materials or scrap
NO foil wrapped beverage pouches

Steel (tin) cans – Empty & Rinse
Labels are OKFood and beverage cans
Pet food cans

NO food residue
NO hangers or scrap metal
NO pots & pans or appliances
NO toys
NO aerosol spray cans or paint cans
NO car parts or fuel tanks

Glass–Empty & Rinse. Discard lids in trash. Labels are OK

ONLY Food & Beverage Bottles and Jars—such as juice, pop & soda, water bottles, beer & wine bottles and food jars

Glass may be clear or colored (amber, green, blue)

NO food residue
NO ceramics, baking dishes, drinking NO glasses, cookware (Pyrex),
NO coffee mugs, milk glass
NO plate glass, windshields, windows, NO art glass, eye glasses, wine corks, NO mirrors, vases
NO light bulbs or fluorescent lights
NO medicine bottles


Chipper Policy
The Street Department provides a chipper service to the citizens of Rushville. This is an extra service provided as time permits. We do not accept anything that was done for hire or entire trees that have been taken down unless they came down as a result of a storm. As a guideline, anything estimated to take longer than 15 minutes to chip is too large. All limbs to be chipped should be placed as close to the alley or street as possible and be easily accessible. At no time should limbs be placed in the street or alley. Limbs also should be clear of any trash or other debris that may cause damage to the chipper.